Architects Collective, F+P Architects and SWAP Architecture are pooling their expertise across projects to create a leading Healthcare Architecture cooperation.

From 2022
In progress

With the restructuring and service expansion of the Favoriten Clinic, a central building for a new central emergency room, the departments of cardiology, internal medicine, neurology as well as pulmonology is to be built in place of the outdated pavilion structure. F+P ARCHITEKTEN are in charge as general planner.


First place! SWAP Architektur won the competition for the new laboratory building "House 7" of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

We set two thematic priorities in our design:

On the one hand, we wanted to construct a building that allows the greatest possible flexibility, because laboratory buildings must be able to adapt to constantly changing requirements. The second focus in the architectural concept lies in the treatment and quality of the communicative areas, as communication plays a central role in science and research.

May 21, 2024
in progress

The Favoriten Clinic will be modernized by 2034 as part of an extensive investment program by the Vienna Health Association. Within the framework of the restructuring and expansion of the hospital complex, a new building - which will provide space for radiology, the breast health center, the interventional vascular center, and administrative workplaces in the coming years - is being constructed in the center of the hospital site (construction site 3).

Klinik Favoriten
With the restructuring and expansion of services at the Favoriten Clinic, a central building is to be erected in place of the outdated pavilion structure.
The design strategies of Healing Architecture aim to meet the needs of everyone in the healthcare sector.
We at AHA are bringing our technical know-how together across projects, creating new synergies and establishing a new brand for forward-thinking architecture.
Healing Architecture creates a culture of soothing encounter and interaction in Healthcare Facilities.
Klinikum Klagenfurt
Direct views of the greenery and good lighting have been proven to support patient recovery and staff job satisfaction.
Our aim is to meet the highly complex and constantly expanding list of planning requirements for healthcare facilities in the best possible way.
Autumn, 2023
Healthcare Facilities Breakout Sessions: A series of talks organised by the Technical University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna.

Architects Collective and SWAP Architektur are part of the Technical University of Vienna’s Healthcare Facilities Breakout Sessions - A series of online discussions on the interface between medicine and architecture. The series is part of the University’s postgraduate master's program "Healthcare Facilities,” a cooperation between the Medical University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna beginning in autumn 2023.

The moderators of these series of talks are Michael Hiesmayr from MedUni Vienna and Christian Kühn from the Faculty of Architecture at Vienna University of Technology.

Healing Architecture is prioritized in the planning process alongside technique and functionality.